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Unfortunately, relapse is very common when an addict is in recovery. It is important to know that your battle with addiction does not end once released from treatment. Therefore, patients must be engaged in a relapse prevention program before they re-enter a world of temptation. Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth offers relapse prevention programs to aid in each individual’s long-term sobriety, not just their initial detox.

During relapse prevention, an addict will learn what causes the root of their addiction and how to recognize possible triggers before or immediately after they present themselves. With this knowledge, our patients are able to resist temptation much easier than someone who has not gone through a relapse prevention program. Do not let a setback get in the way of your life any longer. Call (561) 692-4609 today.

The Stages of Relapse

Recognizing the different stages of a setback can be very beneficial to avoiding them. These three different stages include:


This is the stage in which you experience feelings that may have led to drug use in the past, but the thought of using has not yet crossed your mind. Feelings of stress, depression, anxiety, or anger are usually experienced during this stage.


During this stage emotional triggers have caused you to think about the possibility of abusing drugs or alcohol again, but you still manage to fight these urges.


Physical urges can be so intense that they can be hard to ignore. Without immediate attention or strong support an addict will most likely experience a setback during this stage.

Addiciton Aftercare

Drug treatment centers should offer aftercare as a bridge to full recovery. Completing treatment will not ready someone for all of the pressures the real world may hold over them. Having an aftercare program in place where a previous patient can seek out advice, therapy and support is highly beneficial for successful lasting recovery. Aftercare can include remaining engaged in support groups in the area, spending time in a sober living community, or exploring new and healthy hobbies.

Ongoing Counseling

If dealing with your addiction brought up deeper mental or emotional problems, you most likely actively dealt with these during your treatment. There is no reason to stop once you are in recovery. Find a therapist that specializes in substance abuse or continue seeing your treatment counselor to continue your prevention therapy.

Support Groups

Finding people out there that are going through the same struggles as you can be a tremendous help to staying on the path to recovery. Gaining insight and inspiration from those who have had similar experiences will help addicts remain determined to maintain sobriety. Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous groups are just some beneficial resources for group interaction once released from treatment.

Most addicts who have undergone addiction treatment and recovery experience a setback, but that does not mean that it has to happen to you. In the first 60 days, 50% of those in recovery will relapse. The most vulnerable time for someone out of treatment to relapse is within the first five years of recovery. Armed with these statistics, you can make sure that you get the appropriate aftercare and substance abuse prevention that you need immediately after release from treatment.

Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth encourages and provides the resources needed for each patient to maintain supportive relationships. If you are looking for long-term recovery and not just six weeks of sobriety, call us today at (561) 692-4609. Take the first step to freedom.

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