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Substance abuse should never be ignored. If you have a serious drug problem such as a heroin addiction, it’s essential to seek heroin addiction treatment at a qualified detoxification and drug treatment center immediately. Medical professionals and addiction specialists are trained to help each individual patient overcome heroin addiction, as long as they possess the motivation to do so.

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What is Heroin?

The substance is an extremely addicting and illegal drug that is made from morphine, which is derived from certain species of poppy plants. Because of the highly addictive nature of the substance, your body may begin to crave it after just one use.

There are, in fact, millions of people throughout the world addicted to it and other opiates (drugs derived from the poppy). An addict faces life-threatening risks. Not only is obtaining the substance illegal; each use carries its own health risk. Even the manner of use can compromise health.

Heroin Abuse Rates for Lake Worth, FL?

According to a recent report by Reuters, heroin related deaths rose 89% in the state of Florida from 2011 to 2012. South Florida in particular, which includes the Lake Worth region, is known for its skyrocketing rates of addiction. Most of the deaths have occurred within the age 18-29 demographic.

One of the reasons heroin use has become epidemic in South Florida is because of the crackdown on prescription drug abuse. Unfortunately, many people have switched from one dangerous habit to another.

Why is the Drug So Addictive?

The drug is addictive because of its powerful composition and how it affects the body. It affects the pleasure/reward areas of the brain. By stimulating these regions of the brain, people feel the euphoria of a temporary high.

While the feeling of high is addictive, there is a definite physical addiction that occurs with just a couple uses. Withdrawal symptoms are painful. Soon after using the drug, people don’t crave the drug just for its high, they require it to avoid getting sick from withdrawal.

How is it Used?

There are various ways to use the substance. Sometimes, the purity of it influences how someone chooses to use it. Heroin may be smoked, snorted, or injected. Injecting the drug leads to increased intensity. Injecting is also incredibly dangerous because of risks associated with overdose.

What are the Effects?

Someone using the drug initially feels a pleasurable rush. This is the high the drug provides. The rush may be accompanied by a dry mouth and a physical feeling of heaviness. The drug also slows mental, cardiac, and respiratory function. Long-term effects include addiction, neurochemical changes in the brain, and increased risk of serious infections.

Overdose is always a risk with use. Risk-taking behaviors are also associated with the drug, as addicts frequently break laws to obtain it. Use can lead to both physical and mental health deterioration. It can also lead to withdrawal from one’s family, social circle, and career.

What Can Abuse Lead to?

Using and abusing the substance can lead to a quick mental and physical decline. Any positive reward experienced with early use is quickly eclipsed by the life-eroding addiction that the drug inevitably causes. This is not a drug used casually; it becomes a lifestyle, a deadly obsession. It can lead to profound mental disabilities. Users may contract life-threatening illnesses while abusing it, such as HIV and hepatitis. This is in addition to the risk of overdose.

Treatment for Heroin Addiction

Because withdrawal is painful and associated with health risks, heroin abusers should check into a treatment center or qualified drug addiction center for medical detoxification. Their health will be monitored by medical professionals and they can also be treated with medications such as Suboxone that can ease the withdrawal symptoms.

Some recovering addicts may benefit from methadone treatment during their recovery. Addiction treatment can save lives. Due to the intense addiction that the heroin produces, it is important to seek care at a drug treatment center.

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