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If you or someone you love has an addiction, you should seek help from a qualified treatment center as soon as possible. Drugs of abuse as well as alcohol use are increasing at alarming rates. To overcome addiction to these dangerous substances, you must admit you have a problem and accept help.

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What Are Drugs of Abuse?

There are many drugs of abuse today, but some of the most commonly abused drugs include cocaine, heroin, club drugs (i.e. ecstasy), hallucinogens (LSD), marijuana, methamphetamines, and prescription drugs to name a few. These drugs of abuse can lead to profound addiction as well as increased health risks. In serious cases drugs of abuse can lead to overdose and death.

What Are the Different Categories of Drugs?

Illicit drugs and drugs of abuse are associated with categories. Their category or class refers to the level of risk for addiction they carry. For instance, a drug like heroin is classified as a schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs are illegal because of the dangers associated with their use.

Stimulants and depressants may be prescribed by doctors. Although they carry a risk for abuse and addiction, they are classified as a schedule III or IV because of their medicinal use. All drugs are classified by the government in accordance with their risk for addiction and abuse.

What are the Most Common Drugs of Abuse?

Opiates are among the most addictive drugs. In Florida, particularly South Florida, heroin use is on the rise because of the crackdown on prescription drugs. As users find it more difficult to obtain addictive prescription drugs, they are turning to heroin as a substitute. Some of the most addictive drugs used today include heroin, LSD, cocaine, Oxycodone, crack, and crystal meth. Drugs and alcohol can be extremely addictive and require treatment at an accredited drug treatment center.

How is Addiction to These Drugs Treated?

Someone with a history of drug abuse requires treatment that includes medical detoxification and aftercare. Detox should be conducted in a drug treatment center where the patient’s health can be monitored. There could be life-threatening complications that occur during withdrawal from these drugs of abuse and alcohol. Medical care saves lives should complications occur.

In addition, patients experiencing intense withdrawal symptoms like pain and nausea can be made more comfortable with medications. Patients who experience heroin withdrawal may be prescribed Suboxone to reduce the intensity of their symptoms. Once detox is completed, an aftercare plan that includes counseling and other types of therapy is needed to reduce the risk of relapse.

What Are the Signs of Drug Abuse?

There may be both physical, mental, and behavioral signs associated with drug abuse. People who are abusing drugs may appear gaunt, confused, irritable, or have reduced coordination. Many drug addicts withdraw from social circles and their family. Addicts may experience legal and financial troubles and are also apt to exhibit symptoms associated with a particular drug’s use.

How Does One Drug Lead to the Use of Another?

Often people use more than one drug to experience a high. As a person gets used to the high associated with type of drug, they frequently seek another drug that may produce a more intense high. Also, when a drug abuser can’t obtain one type of drug, they search for a substitute that is easier to obtain.

Primary and Secondary Drugs of Abuse

In Lake Worth and other South Florida localities, prescription drugs and heroin have formed a dangerous marriage. As drug abusers find it harder to obtain prescriptions drugs, they are turning to heroin. Some people dangerously combine ecstasy with alcohol or other club drugs. This can be a deadly combination. Addiction can ruin the lives of both the addict and those they surround themselves with. Stop it in its path and get your life back.

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