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Alcohol addiction destroys thousands of lives every year. It is both a progressive and chronic disease. This epidemic is one of the most serious diseases in this country, and when someone has an alcohol addiction, all of their loved ones are affected. It is important for the loved ones of an addict to be supportive of them seeking treatment, but in many circumstances they may be in the same state of denial.

Many people find it difficult to recognize an alcohol addiction since the substance is accepted in many social settings. Until someone who abuses the substance and/or their friends and family members can help them admit to their problem, the disease will only get progressively worse.

If you or someone you love has an alcohol addiction, call us now at (561) 692-4609. Here at Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth we understand that admitting to an addiction takes courage. You are not alone, we want to help you.

Alcoholism Statistics

  • The average American consumes about 291 ounces of alcohol per year
  • 15% of Americans have a drinking problem
  • 6% of college students are designated as alcohol dependent
  • 25% of college drinkers say they can’t remember where they were or what they did while drinking
  • 599,000 injuries occur annually to people while they are drinking
  • 1700 people die annually as a direct result of their alcohol addiction
  • Wisconsin is the state with the largest number of heavy drinkers (7.42% of the population) and the highest rate of alcohol abuse (11.32% of the population)

Is it Abuse or Alcoholism?

While abuse can lead to alcoholism, there are differences between the two stages. Someone who suffers from alcoholism has no control over his or her use of alcohol, and is preoccupied with drinking. The problems caused by the person’s drinking are overshadowed by the need to continually drink more alcohol to get to the same level of intoxication.

When an alcoholic picks up the bottle, he or she does not know or care how much they will drink, for how long, or what will happen during the drinking binge. They primarily concerned with making sure that their supply does not run out. Someone with a severe alcohol addiction is so dependent on the substance that they cannot function without it in their system. If they go long enough without the substance, such as quitting cold turkey, the consequences could be fatal.

A person does not have to be an alcoholic to have serious issues with alcohol abuse. Some people drink too much, and it causes them problems in their personal, social, and work relationships, but they haven’t yet become dependent on alcohol.

Binge drinking is popular with young adults. When binge drinking, a male consumes a minimum of five drinks in a row and a female downs a minimum of four drinks in a row. Thousands of people have died of alcohol poisoning during binge drinking sessions. Binge drinking can also take the person to the brink of alcoholism in a very short time.

Alcohol abuse treatment centers and programs are available for both people who suffer from alcohol abuse and addiction. For more serious addiction, residential treatment centers are the best solution. Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth offers both outpatient and inpatient treatment; this includes detoxification, individualized and group therapy, relapse prevention, and resources for support after release.

If your family member or friend cannot acknowledge their need for help, an intervention can also be conducted by a professional counselor if necessary. Our facility can help you overcome alcohol addiction in more ways than you think. Call Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth at (561) 692-4609 now and explore your options.

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