Lake Worth Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Effects of Cocaine Addiction

The consumption of cocaine arouses the brain’s pleasure centers and trigger a rush of extreme short term euphoria. With each use, tolerance level for the drug increase which usually drive the need for higher and higher doses to produce the desired euphoric effects. The initial high experienced by the first use of cocaine can cause people to engage in repeated use at the same event.  This can quickly turn into a cocaine binge which may result in a fast buildup of tolerance levels and the onset of dependence on this drug.  People with a genetic predisposition to addiction are also at a higher risk of transitioning quickly from dependence to full blown addiction if this process is not intercepted.

Early Signs of cocaine dependence is typically demonstrated by changes in use patterns from recreational to habitual.  Other symptoms of a growing dependence on cocaine may include:

  • Intense cravings and a reliance on the drug to function.
  • Shifts in personality and moods often manifested as paranoia, anger and/or hostility.
  • Extreme hyperactivity or talkativeness followed by a crash or long periods of depression
  • Sleeping too much or too little.
  • Changes in physical appearance
  • Low self-esteem and lack of motivation
  • Loss of appetite or interest in food
  • Isolation or complete withdrawal from former friends and family.

Lake Worth Cocaine Addiction Treatment

The first step in the recovery process for cocaine addiction is helping the addict to stop chronic use of the drug.  Cocaine and crack cocaine withdrawal symptoms are typically more severe than mild.  As such, the safest and most frequently recommended method to stop habituated use of this drug is with medical supervision.

The cocaine detoxification process provide around the clock medical oversight as toxins accumulated in the body is eliminated.  Patients are carefully monitored throughout the process and assessed periodically in order to alleviate undue suffering or to mitigate any medical crisis that may be exacerbated by the drug elimination process.  The medical detoxification program is designed to keep ensure patient safety while preventing a resumption of drug use due to severe or uncontrollable cravings.  Patients going through cocaine withdrawals may also be at risk of attempted or completed suicide.  As such, medical oversight help to stabilize physical and psychological imbalances for the duration of the detox process.

The rehabilitation program for cocaine addiction typically comprises the integration of various therapies designed to target the neurological impairments caused by chronic cocaine abuse.  Programs such as cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational therapy, individual, and group counseling are some of the programs used to address cocaine abuse. These programs may also be augmented by holistic remedies that help to establish healthy coping mechanisms.

According to the NIDA, Motivational Incentives Therapy (MI) is a reward based program that has proven to be particularly effective in the recovery process for cocaine addicts.  This program is designed to encourage abstinence from cocaine use and help patients stay in treatment long enough to achieve desired results. These programs are offered in both residential and outpatient environments.

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