Drug Dependency Patterns

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Like many communities in America, substance abuse is a fact of life in the City of Lake Worth. Families, school administrators, employees and law enforcement are all concerned.  They are asking what more they can do to stop the problem. Professional help is available through well-established drug and alcohol Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth. (561) 692-4609

Many people drink alcohol or participate in drug use occasionally just to be sociable.  The acceptance of substance use and abuse recreationally tends to blur the lines when a pattern of drug abuseis developing. Because drug addiction sometimes drive the user into a “secret lifestyle” complete with lies, denials manipulation and deception, it may be weeks, months or even years before the full impact of an out of control drug problem becomes evident.  By then the drug dependency problem has already been established and is fully entrenched.

The good news is that there are warning signs.  The following are five positive indicators of drug dependency.

  1. Frequency of use and greater tolerance are signs that drug use is escalating. When someone can use more drugs than others and show less obvious signs of intoxication it is an obvious sign that a dependency is developing. The user will also find excuses to indulge in drug use outside of social events.
  1. High Risk Behavior. Taking chances such as driving while intoxicated, not caring if they miss work or school or stealing money from loved ones.
  1. Behavioral changes or apathy toward the things they used to enjoy doing. A growing dependency on drugs tends to pull you away from the normalcy of everyday life and people who are not aware that you are using and abusing drugs. Spending time with family, playing with the children and/or losing interest in hobbies or other physical activities is a telling drug abuse
  1. Changes in appearance may include poor hygiene or sudden weight loss or gain. This is one area that a person will try to hide or make up excuses for at first; but, as the dependency progresses the person getting caught up in drug addiction may care less and less.
  1. Mood swings, depression or erratic behavior are significant signs of If this type of behavior is unusual for the individual it is important to consider this as a pattern of substance abuse.

If your believe a friend or family member is showing signs of drug dependency, it is important to take steps early to prevent the devastation that accompanies full blown addiction to drugs. Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers have the recovery tools and treatment programs that can help.

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