Medical Detox Lake Worth

Medical Detox Lake Worth

The goal of medical detox is to rid the body of toxins accumulated from drug or alcohol use and abuse. In many cases, medical detox is the first step to recovery. Medical detox helps stabilize the addict once they’ve stopped using drugs.

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Relapse Prevention

Relapse Prevention

Relapse is very common when an addict is in recovery. It is important to know that your battle with addiction does not end once released from treatment. Patients must be engaged in a relapse prevention program before they re-enter a world of temptation.

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Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe a co-occurring disorder in which a person has both a substance abuse problem and a mental health issue. One is affected by the other, but there is no particular way in which this happens.

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Drug addiction and Drug abuse has become an all too common disease in the recent years. Today approximately 1 out of every 10 Americans suffers from a substance abuse disorder according to the National Institute on Drug abuse and Addiction. However, with the rising crisis has also come the call for change and education about the disease of addiction.

Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth utilizes the modern scientific research that has been done on the brain and addiction to create effective treatment programs. These methods of recovery are geared to ensure that they assess all the components of an addiction. This means taking into account the physical dependence, the mental dependence, what stimulated the addiction, and what could initiate a relapse.

Only around 10 percent of addicted persons receive the treatment they need for their addiction. Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth has made it their mission to provide treatment to as many individuals as they can and give them the best chance at creating a sober life.

Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth Inpatient and Outpatient Rehabilitation Outline

  • Intake evaluation completed by a clinical nurse and doctor
  • This process identifies the addiction, any medical health concerns, and determines if there are any underlying mental illnesses that require dual diagnosis treatment.
  • Medical Detoxification
  • 15 days long typically the medical detoxification phase of treatment focuses on breaking the physical dependence and weaning the body safely from its drug of abuse. Doctors monitor patients closely and may administer treatment medication if needed to lessen dangerous withdrawal symptoms and slowly help the body become accustom to functioning without unnatural chemicals.
  • Group and Individual Counseling
  • Group meetings are held throughout the day for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Group meetings are a chance to find support as well as learn and understand more about addiction. Smart recovery, Moral Recognition Therapy, Trauma, and family are all methods and topics of the group meetings. Individual counseling sessions with the therapist focus on individual addiction traits and setting goals for achieving recovery.
  • Moral Recognition Therapy is a cognitive behavioral treatment that fosters moral development through educational group and individual counseling. MRT helps patients to recognize and learn balancing of good and bad decisions. For example looking back at a poor decision and the consequences, thinking about cause and effect and overall patients become more aware of making better judgment calls.
  • SMART Recovery is based on scientific knowledge and is a combination of motivational interviewing and cognitive behavior therapy. The purpose of smart recovery is to use the scientific knowledge known about addiction in order to help individuals suffering from addiction:
  1. Build and Maintain Motivation for sobriety
  2. Cope with cravings and build self control through self reliance
  3. Manage thoughts, feelings, and behaviors with self directed change.
  4. Look at substance abuse as a negative coping strategy that ultimately only makes situations worse.

Relapse Prevention

Relapse prevention is the method of motivational interviewing where addicts in recovery go over situations with their therapist that may possibly cause them to use drugs again in the future or may encourage strong cravings. Relapse prevention teaches techniques of avoiding drug use and triggers. Relapse prevention may include lifestyle changes, getting a job, volunteering, continued therapy, AA meetings, and sponsorship

Addiction Aftercare

Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth helps patients find encouragement and support for recovery after residential substance abuse treatment. This includes sober living, or intervention in the case of relapse, and finding meetings.

Lake Worth addiction aftercare can often for people who complete an inpatient treatment mean then moving onto an outpatient treatment. For many addicts in recovery creating and sustaining structure after treatment can be very helpful for readjusting to life without substance use.

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Lake Worth is a city in Palm Beach County Florida that is noted for the large body of water. Lake Worth is a city that boasts multi cultural activities and a wide variety of outdoor social activities. The city has many artistic areas and a very rich historical background.

With sightseeing the beautiful beaches, visiting museums, or going to see a theater performance there are many things to do in Lake Worth. Currently Lake Worth residents are suffering from large scale heroin and prescription drug addictions. Drug Treatment Centers Lake Worth can help you or your loved one get help today. Call now (561) 692-4609.

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